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3.Paradis F/W24 confronts us

Meditating on inner human conflict


3.Paradis is truly a brand to keep on your radar. The Montreal/Paris based brand explores the unity in human-ness and the “journey of life.” Its founder and creative director Emeric Tchatchoua is inspired by the nuance in everyday life, turning the narrative in a positive direction of freedom. Before we get into the latest A/W24 collection, we would like to offer a moment for 3.Paradis’s manifesto to speak for itself: 

“A dove dances over from Paradis
to our world shining with glee

people everywhere smile
because they all enjoy being free

each day is filled with Love
so entices more birds from above

the people shall always gather
as feathers so often do fall

there is joy, magic and hopefulness for all

From Paradis with Love”

Now while you let that sink in, let’s talk the A/W24 collection. The brand’s mission of love and unity takes a confronting turn this season, meditating on inner human conflict. Entitled “The Sun Don’t Shine in the Shade” The collection explores tensions that arise between our own self-interests and collective responsibilities to humanity. The desire for wealth and glory versus collective prosperity. A collection like this is totally grounding in the sea of fashion week narratives. Reminding us that our human condition is, ultimately, human and thus shared amongst us all.

How do we see this intangible push and pull in the collection? we’re glad you asked. Throughout the collection, Tchatchoua showcases a distinct taste for layering. For example the open fly that reveals more trousers beneath it, or the double belt moments. These stacking details represent the layers of identity. While normally fashion offers itself as a medium for us to perform notions of the self, Tchatchoua has designed elements to portray the philosophy of the self itself. This is further seen in the sculpture-esque tops, that firmly are pulling in a specific direction. Adding a sharp harshness to a collection with overwise softer lines – quite literally representing inner turmoil. 

Our fav moments? The red quilted jacket with Swarovski crystal – instantly obsessed. The Canadian tuxedo dove suit adds a lightheartedness to the story that makes us all smile. Actually this entire look is giving, with the massive fur scarf/ semi-shawl. On the topic of suits, the oversized fur suit is a must. It’s excessive, it’s over the top, it’s glorious. 

Words by Ella Paritsky
Images courtesy of 3.Paradis