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A book you can't miss— Winter Vandenbrink’s VANDALS

Winter Vandenbrink is back with the book VANDALS! 

With a feature in our “At Large” session of The DAWN Issue, Dutch-born Paris-based photographer Winter Vandenbrink has long been one of Glamcult’s darlings. Vandenbrink draws inspiration from youth, street culture, and the transformative process of adolescence. Renowned for his ability to turn candid moments into compelling documentary, Vandenbrink employs a voyeuristic lens to capture his subjects in close-up frames, drawing the audience to focus on details that might otherwise be overlooked. His new book, VANDALS, spans over 400 pages and encompasses the entire Vandals series, presenting the essence of adolescence in its most tender and raw facets. 

Available from today, June 27th, VANDALS is a modern-day iconography you won’t want to miss.

Words by Agata Villa
Images courtesy of the artist