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A digital vacay

Rewire 2021’s must-sees

The day has arrived! And it’s time to get scheduled for the virtual session of the year so far… Beginning today and taking us through the weekend to the 9th, there’s a horizon forming right above us. With talent brimming from every corner of the line-up were are honestly not sure where to begin. This week we know we’re fully booked so make sure to keep up with our must-see’s and explore the digital land that is REWIRE 2021.

Aïsha Devi & 118 present SLF

Presenting the world premiere of SLF (Spirit Liberation Front), Aïsha Devi and 118 have something special to say. Mysterious, allusive yet highly anticipated- this new series, titled “The Sacred Show” is an audiovisual cacophony of cognitive stimulation. Coming from the musical powerhouse that is Aïsha Devi, alongside swiss artist Alec Ross (118) – we are ready to sit, listen and appreciate the tale they wish to take us on. Meditative ritualization through a futuristic gaze – this is exactly where we plan to start our creative journey.

Alberta Whittle

Curator and cultural researcher, Alberta Whittle, is without a doubt a force to be heard. Presenting her moving-image artistry RESET, co-commissioned by Forma and Frieze London, Whittle is taking on topics of contagion, xenophobia and morality. Inspired by queer theorist, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, the piece will reflect on the world we are encompassing and the trauma we have faced. Politically urgent and critically thought – we cannot wait to see what Whittle has in store for us.


It’s the Norwegian duo that has been lighting up our hearts since we first laid eyes. Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg bring the pop, the hip-hop and the electronic we yearn for (whatever the mood). Weaving together music’s diverse range of techniques, the end product is always unexpected and a release from the hype-focussed tension of life’s perfectionism. After releasing their debut, Believer, the duo set their minds on the intersection of our dreams and reality. From their NTS monthly to the Rewire stage, these two just cannot disappoint!

Bby Eco

Bringing it closer to home, Amsterdam based visual and musical connoisseur, Bby Eco (aka. Joris Benjamins) is here to hit your screens. After the release of Ecodrome” and “Gen”, this eco-pop prodigy is ready to immerse you in a wave of synthesized, narrative-driven artistry. After just dropping his debut LP “Grow!”, his psychedelic discourse is a world we need to see.


Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas have been long-term Glamcult fave’s. The Polish-born, NYC-based duo are the Pussykrew Directors and Artists shining a new light on the scene. Throwing you into the gaming experience, arthouse videos and inescapable installations and sculptures – it’s all about exploring the space between the two realms we find ourselves: digital and reality. With no better space than Rewire to cast their creativity, club culture here comes first, and their work ‘Serpent of Self’, an interactive film written in collaboration with AI. Building new narratives and finding a mythological way of seeing, combine yourself within the human/non-human extravaganza.

GLOR1A feat. Alpha Rats

Heading over to the UK, multidisciplinary artist GLOR1A is a Pop/R&B realist. Staying true to her roots in Black futurism, and transformative power, she has something truly special in the works for Rewire 2021. Working alongside Japanese- based VR developer and visual artist Alpha Rats on SWARM 2.0, the pair will concoct an interactive game, fusing both mediums of digital art and live performance. Bringing it back to mythology – ancestral art and female utopia is on offer, unlocking the sound-reactive journey they are ready to welcome you into.

Show Pony & The Rodina

After a month’s residency at Iceland’s Fish Factory in 2019, Laura Nygren’s to  Show Pony began to form. The double bassist combines innovative creation alongside vocals and synthesizer’s to journey to a creatively formed universe. For this year’s Rewire, the (Amsterdam-based) artist is set to collaborate with design duo Tereza and Vit Ruller, aka The Rodina to ensue virtual environments through a provoking lens. Launching Show Pony’s debut EP, this is a 3D experience we cant wait to have a seat for.

Masma Dream World

The past informs the present, a philosophy multidisciplinary artist Devi Mambouka creates by. This child of the world releases her inner magic in everything that she does – overcoming the troubles of trauma, abuse, and addiction. Her debut album, Play at Night, performed under the name Masma Dream World – is a learning experience, and a class of rich cultural history and spirituality we are excited to sit through.

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Words by Grace Powell