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A glimpse into OISHĪ’s deliciously electrifying world

image by Asia Lanzi

It is time to meet the fabulous OISHĪ, the Amsterdam-based DJ who has been turning heads with her eclectic music taste and eccentric style. Mixing the juiciest beats from Baile Funk and Vogue rhythms with a personal touch of percussive drums, reflecting her Surinamese heritage, OISHĪ (which also means delicious in Japanese), has become a sonic chef ready to whip up and serve exquisite wild beats. We had the chance to catch up with her, talking all things queer culture, pre-set rituals, and the importance of creating an inclusive and diverse community.

Hi OISHĪ, how are you today?
Hi there! With everything going on in the world right now, I am very aware of my blessings and privilege to be safe and free. But also I’m obviously feeling very overwhelmed and powerless by it all. Praying for the day when Babylon finally falls down!

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is OISHĪ and what made you want to do music?
OISHĪ is more than just a name, she’s a persona crafted from my deepest passions and inspirations. As an artist, I’m drawn to music because it can speak to everyone, no matter their background. Growing up, I was immersed in a diverse cultural landscape, which fueled my desire to create music that reflects the rich variety of global electronic sounds. From the ancestral beats of Tribal rhythms to the hypnotic melodies of electronic music, I found my voice in the eclectic fusion of genres. It’s this desire to explore, experiment, and connect with others through music that drives me forward on this journey. I’ve soaked up every beat, every rhythm, every vibe, and channelled it all into the energy of OISHĪ.

And how would you describe your DJ style?
I see my style as a kaleidoscope of moods. I can take you on a journey to something intimate, flowy, and sophisticated in a range of globalised electronic music. Alternatively, we can venture into a realm that’s absolutely rave-worthy, where the high BPMs leave you dripping with sweat. However, regardless of the direction, there’s always an underlying element of sensuality—a feminine twist, if you will. 😉
This essence also incorporates percussive drums, reflecting my Surinamese Indigenous heritage. That’s essentially the essence of OISHĪ.

Sounds fun, I’m also really curious to know more about how you blend Queer and ballroom influences into your sets!
Incorporating Queer and ballroom influences into my sets is all about creating a space where everyone feels seen and celebrated. I draw inspiration from the vibrant energy and fearless self-expression of the Queer and ballroom communities, infusing my music with their spirit and creativity. Whether it’s through the beats, the visuals, or the overall atmosphere, my goal is to represent and pay homage to these incredible communities and create an inclusive experience that resonates with everyone on the dance floor.

So nice. And following up to that, how do you think your work interacts with the communities you’re in, e.g. the Queer/ballroom community?
My work is deeply intertwined with the communities I engage with. I firmly believe in the power of art to drive social change and unite people. So, I am constantly seeking ways to make my work interact with the communities around me. This includes organising events that promote inclusivity and diversity, collaborating with local artists and organisations, and using my platform to address important social issues. By collaborating and listening to the needs and desires of the communities I work within, I hope to evolve my artistic practice and make a positive impact on the world around me.

What are your pre-set rituals? What gets you in the mood to party?
My pre-set rituals involve preparing my set at home behind my decks to ensure a strong intro when I start. While doing my makeup, hair, and selecting outfits, I play live sets from various DJs on YouTube to get into the mood. Additionally, I usually enjoy a glass of wine to loosen up any nervous energy and get myself ready to party. :p

Lastly, if you could think of your favourite club lineup what would it be?
My favourite club lineup would definitely include Azealia Banks, Byrell the Great, Miss Bashful, and Stef de Haan.

Words by Agata Villa
Image by Asia Lanzi