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Londons Drifting

A visual essay by Sophie MacCorquodale

With clubs, pubs, exhibitions and places where we once found community, re-assessing our consciousness of the spaces we encompass has never been more vital. Finding an internal home, and self-studying the ways in which we can change our world has been an affirmative practice as a result of the pandemic. London-based Emily Tunnicliffe, Sam Waite-Fazio, El Hogg, Lauren Cheetham, Valerie McLaren and Jasper Leigh came together to express their identity through the power of expression – sharing with us their thoughts on collectivity, the world and the future we hope to see.

Blouse Renli Su, headpiece Emily London

I would describe myself as… a dramatic intense weird cat dad.

I feel my most authentic when… I’m playing dress-up.

Passion to me looks like… people coming together.

London… is where I feel most at home.

I see the world as… a mess, I hope to one day see Black/ POC trans rights, protecting trans youth, trans healthcare and trans lives matter !!!

When I create, I discover… a way to be at peace with myself.

Community means… big queer family – and it brings me – a sense of belonging, acceptance and honesty.

Shirt & suit John Lawrence Sullivan,  t-shirt stylists own, bag Sarah Garfield

I would describe myself as… an emo kid who obsesses over trap music and likes creativity in many different places. I’m always trying to keep things different because life is scary.

I feel most authentic at… night. I don’t know why, but I stay up doing random stuff I typically wouldn’t. I feel like a vampire.

Passion to me looks like… everything! I don’t focus on things I don’t care about – which is pretty dumb, but it’s the only way I approach doing things.

Nature …is where I feel most at home. I got love for Street and animals and stuff, they have powerful energy. I mean, living in a busy city like London is a cool opportunity, but having a beer in the woods is the only time I feel at peace.

I see the world as… very stressed at the moment. I hope one day to see… everyone relax a bit and take a step back from the tension, its scary times – I just hope to see the world work through it.

I’d describe myself as… a pretty phenomenally average person.

I feel my most authentic when… I’m by myself at home.

Passion to me looks like… unconditional love for what you do and the people around you.

Being and existing in the big city… is where I feel most at home.

I see the world as… big, and I hope to one day see… more of it.

When I create I discover… my own thoughts and feelings through trusting the process.

Community means… everything, and it brings me… closer to myself and what defines me as an individual.

Shirt A.W.A.K.E MODE, dress Rose Murdoche, tights Sarah Garfield, shoes Underground England

I would describe myself as… an explosion!

I feel most authentic when… dancing with my eyes shut.

Passion to me looks like… goosebumps creeping from my scalp to my toes, excitement with an intensity I can feel on my skin

A trance …is where I feel most at home

I see the world as… an ecosystem of endless difference, and I hope one day to see… that difference raised up.

Community means… my friends, and it brings me… a place to come back to no matter where I’ve been

My future looks… infinite & inscrutable, and I hope it stays that way

 Earings Ashley Williams, collar Atsuko Kudo

I would describe myself as… independent, driven and creative – my focus is the present; each day a new venture into a cycle of exploration & play.

I feel my most authentic when… creating and it’s something I’m in a constant cycle of, whether that being physically engaging with some form of material or it just being a trail of thought surrounding that subject.

Passion to me looks like… a mental plummet into a demanding feeling of uncontrolled fondness  which you are intimately intertwined with. It will eat you up in the most seductive form.

The studio …is where I feel most at home – a space in which I no longer need to be conscious in my mark making and can run wild. If you see a plaster path taking its shape, follow it and it will most definitely lead to me.

I see the world as… a massive playground of crevices that need to be played with.

When I create… I find beauty in repurposing. I’m a big believer in most objects being multi-purposeful + malleable forms and when it comes to getting rid, a trial process is undergone into whether I can revamp/deconstruct it into something usable. It’s necessary.

Community is… a hug of togetherness with a depth of comfort, and lies heavily within the circles I situate myself in. It’s knowing I’ve got those areas of reassurance and love that I can venture into when I need.

We need to pay closer attention to...The trans community. Weaving our identities into the world isn’t always as celebrated and welcomed with the warmth we’d hope it to be; it’s a battle. It’s opportunities like these that give us exposure and place us into the light. We are beautiful.

My future? Post my Bachelors and hopefully Masters, I’ll be somewhere in the creative sector, perhaps it’ll be an expansion of my current small business. If I love it, it works but it’s not something I let my mind wonder into too much at the moment. I have time – I’m enjoying now and that’s what matters.

Dress & collar Renli Su

I would describe myself as… a daydreamer, an artist, and a cat lover.

I feel my most authentic when… sat with a cup of tea with my friends or El dressing up to go out for the day.

Passion to me looks like… spending days and nights obsessing over one single design idea.

At the beach in Devon… is where I feel most at home.

I see the world as… a mess, and I hope one day… we could have a better government that provides more support for trans youth, more support for POC, and a safer place for women.

When I create, I discover… love!

Community means… queer family and it brings me love and support.

The most underrated places/ people/ topics are… Devon, my mum and shopping for homeware.

My future for me looks like… silk, pattern cutting and embroidery!

Photography by Sophie MacCorquodale

Styling & Casting by Izzi Lewin

Video by Arron Bowen

Hair by Davide Spinelli

Makeup by Claire Urquhart

Photographers assistance by Alice Beecher

Stylists assistance by Sam Waite-Fazio

Makeup assistant by Maeve McElholm


El Hogg

Emily Tunnicliffe

Jasper Leigh

Lauren Cheetham

Sam Waite-Fazio

Valerie McLaren

Words by Grace Powell