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AFAAF hold an auction against hate

Great art for a great cause

Andrew Kung, All American

The pandemic has affected the world over, we have seen the flip-side of the world and with it many new and challenging experiences. It is within these challenges, however, that we have seen some beautiful moments of defiance within the darkness, even amongst some of the most disappointing afflictions. 

One of these pure moments of strength is the creation of the Artists for Asian American Federation. Photographer, Sirui Ma, alongside art-editor, Lulu Yao Gioiello has launched the federation in response to the rise in Asian-targeting racism that came alongside the pandemic. The two have put together an auction initiative for the federation, raising money and awareness, representing the voice of Asian-America. 

There are 42 truly incredible creatives involved in the auction, bringing contemporary art, fashion and photography forward for the fight against anti-Asian racism. Amongst the list are great pieces by artists such as Andrew Liu with the extraordinary piece, HIDDEN DRAGON (藏龙), as well as Creepy Yeha with the iconic Spiked Heart Choker,  Sirui Ma’s reflective After School photography and 9m88’s latest album Beyond Mediocrity, with personalised illustrations and signature. 

Ma and Yao have made a point of allowing everyone to help and contribute with prices widely ranging per piece, noting that whilst they ‘cant change all peoples ill-advised and ill-informed reactions to this pandemic, at least we can show we care, that there are so many people out there who support our communities.’ You can start placing your bids now at AFAAF online! Don’t hold back as the auction ends on May 31st. 

Creepy Yeha, Spiked Heart Choker

Words by Grace Powell