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Acne Studios reveal their newest sustainable collection

Let the guilt-free shopping spree commence!


Not many brands can say their logo is their muse, but Acne Studios has just dropped is FW20 collection and the not too happy, not too sad smiley has become synonymous with the line itself! The Swedish label’s newest line is said to be a reflection of its roots, and the ready-to-wear collection has us firmly planted. Made up of those iconic fall plaids, materials such as rubber and metal alongside pop up, as well as 2020’s favourite reflective-wear. Delivering classic autumnal colours, the line is completely unisex, so there really is a fit for all. Of course, a guilt-free shopping is spree is always on top of our agendas, so we are happy to say the line is made up completely of recycled and sustainable materials. The collection is out this Thursday, so get your baskets ready for a mix of affordability, luxury and sustainability!

Collection available May 7th here.

Words by Grace Powell