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Cultural commentary and self reflections


As you all know by now, we love Acne Studios. Every season Jonny Johansson mystifies us with cultural commentary and self reflections – and designs just some darn amazing clothes. This SS23 Menswear collection expands the Acne world to occasionwear, more specifically, Johansson cleverly rethinks wedding-wear. Why? He shares that at his own wedding he initially wanted to unconventionally wear white but got cold feet and wore the traditional black garb. Reminded of this, he reflected…

“I’ve been reflecting a lot on my own wedding and the ones I’ve been to lately. I’m interested in the whole performance of it, the joyfulness, the dressing up, the kitschy-ness. In a sense, it’s one of the most serious days of your life, but it’s also fun and ridiculous. As I began researching and unpicking the proposition of occasionwear, different characters appeared. When you’re going to a wedding, you take the best things from your wardrobe or you buy, build, or make something new. The parts I like have this kitsch, spontaneous feeling.”

What initially struck us about the collection – besides the lookbook being shot on VHS – is the pick-your-character feel. Each model has their own energy that honestly feels like a family member at a family event. For example, the puffy-sleeved cardigan and long skirt of look 23 screams grandma – well cheeky grandma who wears a mesh shirt ;). The collection is full of prints and embellishments made from paintings by Karen Kilimnik that elegantly adds to its spunk. Our highlights are the drapey layoring action in look 3 and the melancholy, short-wearing bride to finish the collection in look 31. 

So in short, Acne Studios we adore you.

Images courtesy of Acne Studios

Words by Ella Paritsky