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Activists of Optimism

Where positive thought becomes a summer of action

Rolling in with their Summer of OptimismZalando releases a campaign that celebrates real people with exceptional ideas – all known for making the world a happier place. The project, set to spread love and light around Europe, features eleven trailblazers who are individually paving their own path of positivity. From Parisian dancer, Salif Gueye to model, activist (and realist), Rianne Meijer – there’s an opportunity for optimism on every corner. Marking 2021 as a Summer of fun, Zalando has created a 360° experience, the Festival of Optimism; featuring pop-up events and visual displays in key markets across Europe. The Longest Day of Optimism is upon us, so buckle up!

Beginning this journey late last month, Zalando has only just gotten started with their positive vibes-only attitude. Ralph Rijks (Vice President of Global Marketing), reflects on this sentiment as we transition out of the past gloomy era, “After a year of lockdowns, for our 2021 summer campaign, we wanted to celebrate the season of hope and optimism by making people smile and provide them with a stage to express optimism freely”. And that they certainly have done.


The world is ever-changing, therefore so are the spheres in which positive narratives need to be spread! Going beyond traditional media, Zalando (as ever) has hit every corner, from Tik Tok to TV – including an upbeat, energizing, and undeniably jovial commercial, directed by London-based up-comer, Lucy Luscombe. Tuned to the irresistible “Show Me Love” by Robin S, it’s hard not to find yourself smiling!


The Summer of Optimism is the only Summer we need, and after a year unlike any other, let’s take back the reigns, dance with joy, and see a future molded by positive action!

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Words by Grace Powell 

Photography by Jorge Perez Ortiz

Video by Lucy Luscombe