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Adam Jones: Corner-shop couture that knows no seasons

The essence of true Britishness


God saved the Queen and she reincarnated as Adam Jones‘ latest lookbook The Ree See – combining his four collections into one coherent body of work that encapsulates the truths and the oddities of British spirit to its core. Ditching all the associations with aristocracy, afternoon tea and good manners, Welsh-born, London-based designer brings the spotlight to the real meaning of being British. Every important aspect of what it takes seems to be addressed with vigilance and class: repurposed kitschy beer towels to honour the pub, football scarves-turned-crop-jumpers to commemorate the lads, traditional collars and lace trims to pay tribute to the Welsh grandma. Jones’ astonishing ability to make everything from nothing comes from his youth spent in the tiny village of Froncysyllte, Wales, where scarce finds from car boot sales and charity shops were the canvas for self-expression. Little has changed, as the designer still exclusively works with locally sourced vintage textiles and creates harmonious collections that can be worn in infinite combinations, reminding us that we don’t need to produce new to stay innovative. There is a lot of discourse around the fact that British culture would have nothing to offer had colonialism never happened. Jones’ work proves otherwise – and it all reads like a sentimental love letter to Eastenders, stamped with outrageous animal print tea towel tapestries and magnified British flags. His brand is confident in its identity, allowing it to be ever-evolving yet returning to the roots of authenticity in which it was born.

Images courtesy of Adam Jones

Words by Evita Shrestha