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AI Lullaby

Sleep sweeter thanks to Grimes’ newest tune



Stormy October weather having you some rough nights? Or maybe you’ve just watched Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries back-to-back … Thankfully Grimes has got us covered for a conundrum like this. Yesterday the Canadian musician released a short “sleep soundscape” designed to help adults and children get those forty essential winks. The minute and a half track – called “AI Lullaby” – was produced in collaboration with mood-music app Endel, and took inspiration from the artist’s experience as a new mother. Seeing as, yes – that’s baby  X Æ A-Xii Musk we’re talking about (where the Æ comes from Grime’s elven spelling of “AI”) it’s safe to say the artist is truly coming full-circle … And we love it! If you’re the sort of person whose YouTube feed is filled with binaural beats and ASMR, then this track is the next place to turn in your search for peace of mind. Pop it on a loop, sit back and soak up Grimes’ latest and most ethereal sound.


Words by Rose Holmshaw