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Aia* show us sustainable sexual wellness

It’s time for sexual wellness to be totally sexy!

At the risk of sounding too Carrie Bradshaw-Esque, what happened to sexual wellness being sexy? In a flurry of mass-produced flavoured condoms, neon coloured lube bottles and plastic cock rings, one thing major brands seem to have left in the lurk is the option to have sex in style. I know I can’t be the only one who’s pulled out that neon-coloured (and probably strawberry-flavoured) bottle of lube and felt a wave of cringe seep over me. So, I ask: why not make the necessities of the bedroom just as sultry as what’s going on beneath the sheets? Part of the reason (I humbly hypothesise) we have all been putting up with sub-par products of sexual wellness is due to a lack of options, or knowledge of options. We have been subconsciously gasping (or groaning) for an alternative, and I can finally say…  Aia* is here! Brother and sister brand Aia* is the sexual wellness brand who are on a mission, one motivated to “break the taboo on intimacy” and in doing so, “sparking curiosity”.

However, not only does it look and feel great, Aia* is giving options. The line has begun with five different products: a lubricant (100% natural), a massage oil (100% natural), a stimulating gel, a delay gel and a toy cleaner (also, 100% natural!). All of Aia*’s products are cruelty-free and pH neutral, meaning no UTIs here! Alongside this, the products are produced in the Netherlands and are sustainably focused, coming in a cute glass bottle. Now is the time for discovery: both for yourself, and whoever else you choose! Co-founder (alongside her brother, Hugo) Simone sums it up perfectly, stating, “Let’s say goodbye to shame. That emotion takes up too much space in our lives. It is time to give way to vulnerability, openness and curiosity. Because that results in connection and fun! Our products can play a facilitating role in this.”

You can shop the full Aia* collection here! And have fun ?

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Words by Grace Powell