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All Flourishing is Mutual

Examining our connection to the natural world at Melkweg

Art is BACK and Melkweg Expo is taking us all the way into nature. Their latest exhibition, All Flourishing is Mutual, is an examination of our connectivity with nature and the essential world. Investigating the ways in which humans and more-than-human entities relate using plants, animals and more – the exhibition begs the question: Can a hybrid existence between plants and humans exist? And for us: What would that look like?

Within this hypothesis, the work of both emerging and established artists is presented, including that of Mirte van den Bos, Layla Durrani, Queer Nature, Sissel Marie Tonn, Ella Yolande and more… All with the shared vision of interconnectedness, collaboration and the fusion between the natural world and humanity.

The very title of this exhibition is pulled from the work of Environmental biologist Dr Robin Wall Kimmerer, whose work also inspires the exhibition which introduces the concept of “Honorable Harvest”: sharing nature’s gifts with balance and consideration.

This exhibition ~ pardon the pun ~ is a journey back to our very roots, what we have taken, what we can give back and most importantly, what we can do in order to blossom together.

All Flourishing is Mutual  is curated by Melkweg Expo curator Colette Olof, who collaborated with participating artist and co-curator Jasper Griepink

 Ella Yolande, Future Fountain sculpture, 2021.

 Ella Yolande, Future Fountain sculpture, 2021.

All Flourishing is Mutual 

5th March – 10th April 2022

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Words by Grace Powell