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Anna Sofia in the new Surround Me music video is our March obsession

The delicate voice of Anna Sofia in the new Surround Me music video is our March obsession, and trust us, its about to be yours. The singer-songwriter (and multi-instrumentalist) captures raw Gen-Zness by expressing the unedited reality of growing up in today’s world. Why are we – and her millions of streams -so captivated? She’s completely honest. There’s a no bullshit policy that comes with Anna Sofia, as she just wants her music to be a safe space for people to be comfortable and empowered.

Surround Me is a candid look into her thoughts on communicating with the afterlife and a poetic expression of feeling the presence of a passed loved one’s spirit in the waking world.  Anna Sofia shares; It talks about our relationship with the spiritual world. I am a firm believer that our two worlds collide and I wanted to express the way I see them working together. Death is the one thing we as humans have in common. We all experience the feeling, but we deal with it differently. My goal with “Surround Me” is to share the way I deal with loss of a loved one. I used to be very negative towards the topic which is understandable, but this song really highlights my effort to find the little signs that indicate that the spirit is still present with me like before. This song has helped me cope with some of the deaths I have experienced.”

In her latest video, Anna Sofia sings in a tranquil field while she gently dances, evoking a comforting sense of freedom. This calmness suddenly vanishes as she fearfully wakes up in an eerie environment with “to be continued” across the screen. The ending is very reminiscent of her “No.5” music video, causing us – and all her fans – to speculate on the story she is building. Luckily she has announced that this video – which by the way she co-wrote and co-directed – is part of a larger film project that’s in the works. So buckle-up and begin the chronology here, today… 


Words by Glamcult