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Are you ready to climb "LA MONTAGNE"?

Toddlers sans Tiaras – Jacquemus unveils their Winter 2021 Collection

One thing we crave most during the wintertime is the warmth – a feeling Jacquemus could not have encapsulated any better than in their new campaign for Winter 2021, “LA MONTAGNE”. Images shot in front of lush Hawaiian mountain peaks bring us back down to earth in a celebration of our literal roots – our families. Loving embraces, kisses, wide smiles, and hand-holding make the campaign an intimate celebration of unconditional love. The collection is almost exclusively neutral blacks, whites, and beiges – of course, the Parisian artisté couldn’t resist a pop of color, including some pieces in red, pink, and baby blue (obsessed with the faux g-string pants). Cropped, delicate cardigans are contrasted with more structured, straight-legged pants and blazers – silhouettes that perfectly adapt to the wide age range of models (including the sickest, shaded kiddos we’ve ever seen). Jacquemus has gone to war with the dull winter weather – this is an Ohana we most definitely want to be a part of.

Check out the full campaign here.

Words by Alia Ayoubi.