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Ashnikko- Cry ft. Grimes ?

The reality-crushing duo has landed

Okay, so we know there are many ways leading those into fame these days, but the newest sky-rocketer for musicians has to be Tik Tok. Love it or hate it, there’s an audience there and one which is listening. Ashnikko has risen to fame in just this manner. Starting out on the scene via SoundCloud in just 2016 with her debut single Krokodil, Ashnikko has made mountainous steps in the following years. Her newest single ‘Cry’ is a rock-pop-hit (think Avril but more anime), which explores the multiplicity of life and the fuck boys she’s done. Belting it out alongside gal-pal Grimes they make quite the distorted, empowered and unique pairing, but one which just works. Check it out below, as the anime-inspired CGI video is certainly an eye-catcher. 

Single out now!

Words by Grace Powell