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“I got everything you got, I’m that everything you not”

Never in a million years will we ever stop obsessing over our favourite Estonian rascal Tommy Ca$h. Known to be a shapeshifter, the rapper is back again with a fresh track and has returned to our earth as a Benz dealer, featuring the Polish innovative rapper Quebonafide as his proclaimed partner-in-crime (not to forget a guest appearance of international heavyweight boxing champion Mariusz Wach). One of this time’s most anticipated collaborations is finally here, in front of our eyes! Having only slightly recovered from his previous music video for Racked, our screens are once again filled with surrealistic symbols of splendor, this time packed with lots of tattoos, cheeky bars, racing benzes, Afghan hounds and a floating, meditating Tommy. The two-year project is produced by Dobro and post-produced by Platige Image, guaranteeing us only the hottest of the hottest visuals. In a grey reality where luxury meets dark, twisted fantasies, we see a car-dealing, show-stealing Tommy, proving once again that this is his world, and we’re just living in it.

Stream Benz-Dealer here

Words by Brechtje Polman