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Uniqlo’s +J FW21 collection: a minimalistic, skillfully-tailored essentials return.

UNIQLO +J: coat, pants


Closely working together to redefine sustainable, functional fashion since 2009, the UNIQLO +J FW21 collection marks the final collaboration between the international retailer and legendary designer, Jil Sander. The perfect display of the signature +J look – distinct, understated, and well-defined, these pieces stand as a reimagining of how a wardrobe staple fits into our ever-evolving world. The collection is all about feeling safe and protected as we reemerge into social living, providing us with the perfect winter classics to keep us warm far beyond this season.

The luxurious feel of these winter basics is all a matter of careful and deliberate design. Under Sander’s vision of sophistication for everyone, this winter collection features distinctive silhouettes, voluminous and sensual materials, as well as their signature, immaculate tailoring. The luxurious look and feel of these pieces bring us comfort, as well as a flare of contemporary elegance, through the use of textiles such as polyester satin, cashmere, extra-fine Merino wool, tactile leather, and Habutai silk. The colorways contrast stark-whites and red detailing with more subdued blacks, khakis, greys, and blues – ultimately culminating in a look that is so chic, yet so universal, there is no better option for a second-skin during these colder months. Wear it your way, whether you prefer a full, monochromatic look, or are simply searching for your forever-coat – the UNIQLO +J FW21 collection is truly a testament to what 12 long years of co-conceptualization can create.

UNIQLO +J: coat, hoodie, pants

UNIQLO +J: jacket, sweater

UNIQLO +J: jumper, shirt, skirt