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Blessings from Mousganistan

messages of love and hope

Warning, 2021

Stepping into the exhibition barefoot, we knew this was going to be a special one – and oh were we right. Mous Lamrabat, the genius behind Blessings from Mousganistan currently showing at FOAM, defamiliarises the everyday to reveal messages of love and hope. His sense of humour – which is totally required in today’s day and age – offers a refreshing point of view, allowing him to construct new narratives of sensitive issues like racism and women’s rights. 

Luv Ryders, 2021

Thé à la Swag, 2018

The Lamrabat universe is a place of love and peace for everyone everywhere and when you enter the exhibition Blessings from Mousganistan, you feel exactly that. You are partaking in his utopia, a special space created in the confines of the FOAM walls that transports you to a land of imagination. There are times Lamrabat will push you to look at the images presented in a  different way, quite literally. He superimposed some of his photos in lenticular prints and others he vacuum-pulled around various logos like the Nike swoosh. In doing so, he deconstructs what is deemed “normal” by society and popular culture. Our favourite part is the room with all the photographs printed on fabric hung around the room – and the carpet in the first room of course. 

Photos courtesy of FOAM Amsterdam

Words by Ella Paritsky