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Bonne Suits x Jil Gilbert

Sustainability equals sexiness!

Together, designers Bonne Reijn from Bonne Suits and Jil Gilbert have come full circle and spun the fashion industry around through their upcycled designs. Their brand new futuristic collection is the result of 10 deconstructed dead stock lavender Bonne Suits. The duo was inspired by their shared office location, set in the middle of the infamous red-light district. Questioning, what’s remains of the epicentre of sex workers, without the sex workers there? the designers wanted to replicate the mystic and utopian feeling they’ve been experiencing in their environment, with the old livelihood of the burning red windows now closed off, abandoned and removed.

Jil Gilbert took the Bonne Suits under her wings and transformed them into the fierce, provocative and sophisticated designs we are absolutely obsessing over. The 19 one-off pieces are modeled by no one less iconic than Amsterdam’s vogue dancers Dizzy and Gaby Vineyard, scouted from the local House of Vineyard community. Their sexy poses, movements and looks give the reconstructed garments that spicy futuristic feel and va va voom energy. Photographer and Amsterdam-based babe Jentie Youna Jelles made the collection truly come to life, with her intimate shots and playful lens.

Check the collection here

Words by Brechtje Polman