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Broaden your mind and find that silver lining!

IDFA share epically stunning documentaries to help get us through this weird time

We may still all be in mourning over our lost weekend plans, but IDFA is here to make the best of a weird situation. Of course, usual club-nights, restaurants and cinema-dates are out of bounds at the moment, but that doesn’t mean your cultural hunger can’t be fed! The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam truly are real ones and have shared with us several of the documentaries featured at their previous events. 

A list of our favourites would have to include the heart-warming and emotional, “Agnes and Nancy”; it follows the lives of two elderly women suffering from dementia, who go through the journey together and speak openly whilst tending the garden, practising yoga, and being their brilliantly-Scottish-selves. Another must-see is “Are You Listening!”—a breath-taking documentary that looks at the climate-change situation in Bangladesh, where families and livelihoods have been destroyed due to the floods. Last, but not least (if you need perking up), is “Astronaut.io”, a hilariously-adapted and brilliantly put-together film featuring a selection of short YouTube clips, which were not necessarily meant for worldwide exposure. Get ready for a bucket-load of laughter, shock, cringe-worthy moments, and genuine emotion and curiosity as the film questions, “Do we only exist when we’re online?” 

One silver lining of the situation we’re living in today is the space many of us have been given to broaden our horizons (and minds) and take the time to watch, listen and engage in the things we previously may have neglected. So, enjoy the selection above! 


Check out IDFA’s documentary list here.

Words by Grace Powell