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Broken Mirror

Jordan Rossi and Darkwah collab with Elderbrook to create a visual performance for his new single

Never has it been more evident that our existence in the world is an ever-evolving performance. The degree of truth to this may vary depending on the person – but regardless, we are confined and pushed to conform with the boxes that society sets up for us. However, more and more of us are finding the capacity and the drive to free ourselves from these prescribed identities and forge a new way of existing. ‘Broken Mirror’ by singer, songwriter, and producer Elderbrook explores exactly this, along with his own desire to change who he is (and by extension, who he feels he needs to be). This was picked up by Director/Photographer, Jordan Rossi, as he was able to see the song’s message reflected by his own struggles as an LGBTQ+ creator. The two artists came together to expose cracks within the illusion of Queer liberation with the help of multi-disciplinary artist and creator Darkwah. They provided a raw and honest display of aggression from outside of the community, as well as microaggressions to be found within it. Their performance acts as a resistance to the limits of self-expression, using their body as a way of challenging not only who they are meant to be, but also how they are expected to feel in the face of hardship. Confront yourself and break the mirror, as our multiplicity can never be reflected in a flat image.


Words by Alia Ayoubi