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Celebrating Pride with Dr. Martens and Eurowitch

“Pride, to me, means being yourself and truly not giving a fuck about what anyone says”

 Eurowitch is the Netherlands-based DJ reclaiming and championing the sounds of Latin America. Building sets around the motivation of “not giving a fuck”, Eurowitch is a Glamcult-favourite through and through. Celebrating Pride Month with Dr. Martens, we spoke with the king of booty-shaking about the meaning of Pride to them and why nightlife is so vital within the Queer community. Wearing the Adrian Quad leather platform loafers, we hit the streets of Amsterdam with fellow DJs Sukubratz and Slimfit. Want to see Slimfit in action? This year Glamcult will be hosting an event with Dr. Martens at their 9 Streets store, Hartenstraat 16 Amsterdam! Join us for free drinks, good music and dance between 14:00-19:00. 

Tell me about your DJ practice and sound!
My sound is based on Caribbean and Latin American music, but it also spreads into Pan-African sounds. Anything to shake your booty, from Reggaeton to Dancehall.

What does the word Pride mean to you?
Pride, to me, means being yourself and truly not giving a fuck about what anyone says.

Nightlife and club culture are integral spaces for the Queer-community, why do you personally think that is?
Nightlife offers a space for people to express themselves, and I think this attracts Queer people who have been rejected from so many different spaces. The night also shades everyone and brings another perspective on how to navigate the world. Loud music also offers a different spectrum for people who feel rejected.

How are you able to express yourself, and your identity, through music?
I play music that is rooted in conformity and homophobia and sexism. What I try to do is reclaim my identity as a Queer person, and as a person who doesn’t conform, through these sounds. Most of us like Reagatton, however, for those of us who understand the lyrics it can be othering. My mission, therefore, is to include everyone in this music and in this space.

… And build the foundations for the future of this genre?

Dr. Martens has been a staple symbol within the freedom of self-expression throughout history, from punk and so forth… when you think of the brand, what comes to mind?
I think of expression, I think of rebellion, and I also think about strong opinions and a strong sense of style and self.

Tell me about your first pair of Dr. Martens.
I had the 1460 shoes when I was 13.

Such a pivotal age!
Teenage hood and adolescence bring a lot of rebellion and power, and that shoe symbolised that for me. Stomping the streets, and truly wanting to be myself.

As we celebrate Pride together in Amsterdam! What are some of your favourite places to play?
I like Garage Noord and Kanaal 40. They truly represent Amsterdam’s underground scene well. The crowd is really receptive, and there are all kinds of people there! That’s what I really want. Surprisingly, also Nyx, because there is less pressure. It’s people who just want to party!

Words by Grace Powell

Photography by Esmeralda Engels

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