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Club De School reopens it's doors

A time of listening, learning and restructuring

Cultural concept, De School has officially announced that it will be reopening its club doors this September. With 16 months left of De School’s significant presence in Amsterdam, they aim to make the very most of every moment, bringing us a year filled with music, art, and as always, education. Though a previously well-established club, significant changes have been made within the institution upon criticism during the BLM protest, bringing with it a brand new creative team who will be spearheading the club’s vision. Describing their period away as a “time of listening, learning and restructuring” De School now has a new director — Erdal Kiran — who sets out to create an environment in which healing and trust are possible. The first open-to-the-public event will be held this coming September 9th, see ya’ there!


Read the full De School Press Release here

Words by Grace Powell