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Metamorphosis 101

Whilst some of us are still dealing with wintery weather and streets (semi) covered in snow, others are starting to see the first signs of spring. The air is getting softer and the sun is rearing its much-missed head. The sounds of breeding doves, sights of blooming daffodils and vibrant violets inspire us to pop out of our caterpillar cocoons and start shedding our skins! March is around the corner: the month of rebirth. It’s the perfect period to rebrand and evolve, and Collina Strada has already got your new skin.

Repurposing left-over materials from previous seasons, Taymour truly embodies the philosophy of recycling. Through transformative visualisations, Taymour takes her love for nature a step further, proving that mother earth will always remain the number #1 source of infinite inspiration. Magically morphing the models into snails, frogs and dinosaurs, designer Hillary Taymour shows us how to bring it back to the basics. The designer teamed up with David Burroughs Mattingly, illustrator of Antimorphs, to create a collection of which its playful palette is derived from the skins of reptiles, peacocks and fishes. 

Time to embrace your inner spirit with the help of silky sheer skirts, plaid patterned blouses and seventies crochet stripes! Transform into a frog or peacock (whichever you prefer!) with this collection’s 50 shades of green, sleek silhouettes and soft materials. The groovy patterns and funky floral trousers are here to save us from fading into our wallpapers during the daily Zooms — this collection contains the perfect attire for assembling the second skin we’ve all been waiting to grow.

Having spent more than enough time reflecting whilst hiding away in our corona-proof caves, we are craving to express, experience and play again (for as much as we are allowed to, (obviously)). So, have you recently felt like a grumpy sphynx cat with the need to morph into a butterfly to fly away from all the bullshit? Collina Strada leads the way and shows you how to transform into the beautiful creature you were always meant to become. 


Get your new skin(s) right here.

Words by Brechtje Polman