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CSM White Show: the RESET show

The White Show got a total makeover


Zoey (jingyi) Yu

Pablo Soria Alomoto

Every year we all come together to watch Central Saint Martins first year Fashion Design students debut their first garment. Traditionally called the White Show, the students are given three weeks to create one look entirely made out of white fabric. This year, in collaboration with the first year Communication and Promotion students, the White Show got a total makeover. Goodbye classic White Show, hello the RESET show.

To reset is to start again. And to move circularly and that is exactly what this year’s show was all about. Quite literally, the show drew parallels to tracked sports, with the runway being a part of a race track with sports announcements painting the audible backdrop of the show. In a less obvious manner, the collection is circular. After the show, all of the fabric is set to be reprocessed for the next wave of first year students. 

The collection itself is full of experimentally playful silhouettes. It’s like a childhood daydream full of extravagant characters walking – sometimes running – down the street. With looks questioning the human form, to fantastical references, the RESET show has it all. All in all, we are excited for what this class has to bring to the world of fashion. So go do yourself a favour, grab a snack and watch the show.

Yasu Huang

Finn Barker

Tobias Jeans

Patrick Tuft

Tyroine Antoine

Noa Nomad

Murray Sheehan


Words by Ella Paritsky
Images courtesy of Central Saint Martins