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Denzel Veerkamp: rewriting colonial narratives

In his latest Perpetual Reverse Assimilation Project

Michelle Piergoelam

Traversing the themes of dual-heritage identity, transgenerational history, and personal struggle, Denzel Veerkamp doesn’t grapple with difficult feelings – he dives in their exploration head first. The Dutch-Surinamese designer now presents The Perpetual Reverse Assimilation Project, an extensive body of his personal work, as well as a synergetic space that creates a platform for underrepresented artists – including the photographer behind his recent campaign, Michelle Piergoelam from Tailors and Wearers. What sets Veerkamp apart is his painstaking approach to research – of both collective pains of Dutch-Surinamese history and his own confrontations within that. These emotions and chronicles are weaved into his designs through traditional Surinamese costumes, reimagined with adventurous patchwork, textile contrasts, and playful volumes, where each detail carries a meaning. Challenging the eurocentricity of his own approaches, Veerkamp aims to unlearn narratives imposed by dominant cultures, and replace them with education and healing. Following his presentation at FashionClash x Glamcult last year, his work is now on show at Museum Arnhem through October 22nd – viewing it is a must!


Images courtesy of Denzel Veerkamp

Words by Evita Shrestha