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DIESEL joins global pledge for a sustainable future

The brand’s new capsule collection, DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL, puts repurposing and reducing first.

New decade, new era of fashion? Yes, please! Whether you’re a vintage ador(n)er or a wear-it-till-its-gone kind of dresser, consciousness is key, and we salute you. Still, the times we live in are of such defining importance that to see the fashion industry take initiative and play an effective role is essential.

DIESEL is definitely on our radar when it comes to active participation in addressing and solves the crisis of wastefulness we face today. The brand has committed itself to the road to fully sustainable fashion, officially joining the G7 Fashion Pact, a global alliance of fashion brands pledging to meet environmental goals. This season, DIESEL released an entire collection—DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL—made up of repurposed material from their very own dead-stock and archives; a line, the mission of which we can’t help but be in full support of. DIESEL’s plan of action is to reducing the consumption of raw materials, decrease their energy use and repurpose instead of reproduce. Alongside this, the entire line is labelled with a QR code inside, which, when scanned, clues you up on exactly what the article is made up of as you take it on its new fashion journey.

What’s more, the line is not all about DIESEL standing alone. The brand’s long-time partner 55DSL joins in on the endeavour, allowing the brand to draw from its heritage and produce an insightful, research-centred, and limited edition collection. Thoroughly contemporary and on-brand, the pieces nevertheless have a distinct flashback to ‘80s grunge and punk. All garments hit hard in combination with the modern shapes and textures we see and experience today, yet reinvention was definitely served at the brand’s presentation during Milan Fashion Week. Of course, it wouldn’t be DIESEL without a denim-centric display, but by focusing on the zeitgeist, the brand presented new styles and ways of wearing the material that feel high-fashion and casual at the same time.

Words by Grace Powell

Photography by Dario Salamone

Art direction by Fabiola Di Virgilio @ Red Milk Agency