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Huanca introduces us to a 'Blurred Earth'

Reframing our position

Image by Thomas Mueller

The Faurschou Gallery in New York welcomes visitors to an immersive and multi-sensory exhibition by Donna Huanca. Entitled SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH),” this installation spans various mediums, including paintings, sculptures, olfactory elements, and soundworks. Within this enveloping and exaggerated sensory environment, viewers find their perceptions of time, space, and their own place in the world reframed.

Huanca describes her work as a response to our current era — “a time characterised by rapid acceleration, disconnection from the body, fleeting memories, and distorted consciousness.”

Be sure to visit this exhibition, which marks the artist’s debut solo presentation in the city… and undoubtedly signifies the beginning of many more to come!

Image by Elisa Kostic

Image by Elsa Kostic

Words by Dexter Burningham
Images courtesy of Peres Projects