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Dr. Martens: Proud Then. Proud Now. Proud Always.

Teaming up with Kindred Kuts, we cover it all: from love and respect to the unique history of the iconic boot brand.

Dr. Martens is a brand that has always been linked to culture and worn as a symbol of empowerment. The 1460 boot has been a significant cultural emblem throughout history, one which has carried with it notions of defiance, duality, strength and most notably, the ability to unapologetically be yourself. When it comes to celebrating Pride, Dr. Martens has been flying the flag since as long as we can remember and do so all year round, making them a major fashion statement within Queer culture. There is also more to the 1460 boot than a simple item of footwear, as it was once seen as a symbol or “secret signifier to indicate sexual orientation” during the gay liberation movement. Throughout the years, the brand has been adopted by countless individuals, movements and subcultures on their journey of self-expression, and that is not about to change.

For Pride 2022, Dr. Martens teamed up with the renowned Amsterdam-based Queer barbershop Kindred Kuts: a salon which offers gender neutral, and gender affirming hairstyling to all its clientele. Kindred Kuts is a place for the Amsterdam Queer community to come, explore their identity and leave feeling like the truest version of themselves – no questions asked. We spent the day at the salon, meeting the amazing Gray’s clients and hearing their stories as they sat down for a fresh new style, wearing (unsurprisingly) a fresh pair of Dr. Martens.

A beautiful day, shared with beautiful people. Gray speaks with three exceptional individuals: Anna, Storm, and Sandra, to discuss what the concepts of Love, Respect, Equality, and of course what Pride means to them. From their conversation, we learn insightful anecdotes about growing up in rural settings, feeling “other” than, how they portray themselves today, their preferred pronouns, and the people they wish to surround themselves with. These Chair Chats are not only emotively educational, but a beautiful moment shared between individuals, and one we are honoured to be able to share with you.


You can check out our first conversation with Anna on our instagram, and make sure to peep the fresh trim matching with the perfectly fresh footwear.

Words by Grace Powell

Photography by  Jaane Jain

Videos by Devante Notopawiro