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DYMPH reveals her solitary sound

You’re invited to the artist’s Amsterdam album launch.

You might know Dimphy Janse as one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful faces. But some years ago, travelling the world as a model took its toll on the young talent—causing her to reflect, look inwards and turn to music as a form of catharsis. The outcome is “BLU”, a soul-searching electronic music album that will be released next week. Glamcult caught up with DYMPH ahead of her promising debut performance, exploring how a “feeling of nothingness builds towards a feeling of wholeness”.

Glamcult’s readers might recognize you from your modelling achievements in the past years. What brought you to music? And how has the change of career been so far?

Modelling has been a great experience, but a couple of years ago I had to stop for a while. I got lost in self-reflection and felt very empty inside. Once I went back into my safe space, an organic way of expressing my inner world came to life. In my early days I used to play in musicals, theatre and as a drummer in a band. My period of oblivion made me go back to that and gave me the opportunity to take some time to get to know certain music software, by which I was able to translate my body rhythms. The change has grown naturally. It feels like I am picking up on a time I left the ability to express myself.

Listening to your upcoming project, “BLU”, almost feels like meditation. How come?

In my dark period I figured out that the only way to really ease my mind was to use my own voice. There is so much great music out there, but I liked the way I could silence myself through my own creation. I guess that’s a feeling that people receive when they listen to it.

By means of your music, you intend to take people on a journey. Where does this journey begin and lead? And who/what do we meet on the way?

My creative journey is in touch with the continuum of inner emptiness—a feeling of nothingness that builds towards a feeling of wholeness. It kind of creates an opening for people to experience their own inner journey.

One of the aspects that stand out on “BLU” is the organic use of your voice, as well as more experimental voice effects.

The organic use of the voice represents the start of me playing around with my own sound, but the experimental side is a different story. I have been obsessed with the music of Kanye West since high school. Once I started making music and explored voices, I found this effect he uses and got stuck on it. I love playing around with vocal effects because it creates different feelings to certain words. My first record is definitely a big exploration of all this.

Is there perhaps a specific lyric or melody you wrote, one that you’re really proud of, which truly captures what Dymph is all about?

The first song I finished was dark nights”. I remember myself being extremely happy to have finished one song that I could recognize myself in. As a model I have always been a ‘piece’ in other creative projects, but by this I was able to step into my own world. The lyrics, the beat, the continuum just felt connected in all ways. That’s the reason why I picked this song for my first video.

Various rhythms and drums underpin your often-minimal tracks, creating a contrast with the introverted vocals. How did these beats come to life? And is there perhaps a dance or club culture reference/influence we should know about?

The beats and vocals are really just expressions of the moment. Sometimes it starts of with words and at other times it begins with looping sounds or beats that express a feeling. I am quite melancholic myself and I guess that is where the introverted vocals come from. The beats might connect with this inner feeling of being in a rush, wanting to run to the light. I’m not too sure about the genre, but it’s closest to electronic, alternative, indie atmospheres.

Which artists, inside or outside of music, inspire you most?

Once I went to a concert in New York and there was a support show that totally got me. It was Burial, which is so deep and touching. I also love Darkside. Then there is this artist, William Basinsky, who works with looping sounds of nature. Very inspiring and somewhat meditative. A friend sent me the music of Agar Agar last year, they really got me with their beats and the way they use their raw voice.

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Over the course of the past years you have travelled a lot, spending much time in New York and Los Angeles. How has this influenced your sound and overall creativity?

I traveled all around the world since I was 15. I’ve seen incredible places and lived in the big cities—and then I suddenly fell down. Today I am really thankful I have seen a lot; it makes it easier for me to cave in, create a world inside a room and travel into that space. The world feels very small, in the end.

Next week you will officially release your debut record with a performance, video premiere and little party in Amsterdam. Can you give us a hint of what to expect?

Yes, I am so excited! Last year I stepped into this beautiful white studio in Amsterdam and immediately felt this inner happiness. I already visualized a show there before I even dared to make a single footstep on stage. It will be an intimate performance where I will play my first album, combined with coloured visuals, and premiere my music video. I love to create an experience in a room where the people will feel involved with the performance. Afterwards we’ll have a little party with DJs and drinks.

After the release, where do you hope to take Dymph in the near future?

I would love to continue creating music and give live performances in special spaces. Also, to write stories for videos and short films. I’d love to combine all my favourite expressions and create a world to feel safe and connected within. Being able to do this feels very liberating, and I’d love to collaborate with other artists to create a beautiful world together.

DYMPH album release & video premiere

Thursday 17 January, Amsterdam

Attend on Facebook

rsvp@dym.ph (limited capacity)


Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Photography by Jennifer Kunes

All clothes by Almost Not Done