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Eartheater and Anna Uddenberg: our dream duo take over Art Basel

With a seminal performance piece celebrating their ongoing creative exchange

Having closely tracked Eartheater‘s journey with awe and infatuation, it is safe to say that her every move throws us further into the eternal obsession with her talent. Luckily, Eartheater has been hard at work since covering our NIGHT issue – and is now bringing her jaw-dropping artistry to Art Basel in collaboration with Anna Uddenberg. The creative sparks between the pair have ignited many endeavours, such as Eartheater’s recent music video for Pure Smile Snake Venom. Synthesising fashion, musicianship, and conceptual art, the video is the epitome of the fervent exchange between two unstoppable minds. As Eartheater morphs herself into an Uddenberg sculpture, pushing the societal boundaries of a femme body, a new world of possibility is brought upon us.

Image courtesy of Art Basel