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Erika Sirola unveils "THE FOUR FACES"

Exploring the selves that come together.

At 8 years old, Erika Sirola was writing her first songs. By 13, she signed a record deal. So yeah, it’s about time we all tune into her world.

Sirola has graced us with a new EP “THE FOUR FACES,” where she explores the selves that come together to make up Erika Sirola; “I’ve witnessed so many who feel they’ve had to sacrifice interesting avenues out of fear they wouldn’t be accepted or understood. The creation of this EP and design collection also marks the first significant step for me in letting go and embracing freedom in ‘all the everything and nothing’ that I am.” Composed of four tracks, each song is an inner character that sings its own story.

Yes yes, you read that quote right, there’s a design collection. Sirola designed a visual world with 3-6 looks for each face. But if you can’t tell, nothing is off limits in the Sirola universe, so she naturally designed her own jewellery as well – available at Basic Space this week!!

So what are these worlds? So glad you asked.

Track 01, “THERE WAS A BOY” – AKA the persona archetype – starts with an eerie atmosphere that is suddenly interrupted by an electronic wave that carries us into the chorus. The face that we show to the world is imbued with a false confidence that leads to a sudden meeting with its alter ego.

Track 02 “BERNADETTE” – AKA the shadow archetype – is a “melancholic funk” that dives into the dark side we all carry. This darkness is personified into the character Bernadette, inspired by the painting by Đinh Ý Nhi.

Track 03 “GOLDEN GIRL” – AKA the anima/animus archetype – explores the struggle to connect with and balance one’s inherent femininity and masculinity.

And lastly, track 04 “A CHILD” – AKA the self archetype – works through Carl Jung’s final stage of individuation, “becoming whole.” Our hand is held as we listen, celebrating the never-ending journey of becoming.

As we journey through Sirola’s mind we are confronted by our own selves, relating to this post-genre fairy tale in unexpected ways. So what are you doing? Go listen to “THE FOUR FACES” now – and thank us later.”

Words by Ella Paritsky
Photography by Morrigan Rawson
Images courtesy of the artist and Elefelt PR