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Evergreen Collection

The 100% sustainable collection the world needs.

The fashion industry is an infamous one. It is a world we are all (in some way or another) engaged in, but often know little about- especially when it comes to what’s going on behind the scenes. Fashion is one of the biggest players within the global economy, racking up annual revenues of around one trillion euros, whilst also being one of the largest polluters of the world. Although fashion is an outlet for personal creativity and individualism, it is important to investigate where this outlet of individualism comes from, the effects it is having on the world and the ways in which we can improve! Thankfully, there are many amazing brands out there taking initiative, seeing the consequences the fashion industry is having on our world and creating change. One of these brands is Y/PROJECT. 

Y/PROJECT is a Paris based label, combining the art of conceptual fashion alongside a playful (and wearable) streetwear aesthetic. The core of the brand lies within the notions of individuality and independence, fusing personality into every piece. Glenn Martens, the creative director, took his spot in 2013 and has been making waves for the brand ever since, and this specific wave feels the most impactful yet! A contemporary narrative for Y/PROJECT does not start and finish with clothes- this narrative extends to their place in the world and the history they want to leave on it.  They are sharing this stance in their latest SS/21 collection and its presence within the industry is loud. 

Their newest collection has been officially made 100% sustainable as each piece is made ethically using sustainable materials as well as packaging. The capsule collection is a reflection on some of the brands most recognisable pieces, which have been remade to have a less environmentally-harmful impact on the world. The new line, titled the ‘Evergreen Collection’ will also be solely produced in Europe, and a percentage of each item purchase will be donated to relevant ecological charities in order to also give back to the earth. The collection will never go out of season, responding head on to the dangers of fast-fashion and will be priced with the same range as the usual collection as in the words of Marten himself, ‘sustainability shouldn’t cost extra’. Available online this year we can’t wait to dive into this wondrous moment for the brand and enjoy fashion at a lesser environmental cost.  

Words by Grace Powell