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Everything sitting on our payday wish list

Our secret stash of things we’re into, stuff we’re really into, and things we simply can’t do without

We all have our little secret stash of things we’re into, stuff we’re really into, and things we simply can’t do without. But, when payday lands and no longer just peeking around the corner, it’s like a wake-up call to reevaluate our must-haves. October is here, and it feels like we’re officially stepping into those cosy, crisp autumn months. So, as the switch flips, we start looking at our list with fresh eyes and fresh wanting, trading in our summer gear for our new autumnal aesthetic (think the antithesis of Christian Girl Autumn). Suddenly these ‘wishes’ transform into a full-blown bucket list, and with that, hereby Glamcult’s payday pleasers; a look into everything on our Instagram saves, sitting in our online shopping baskets, and awaiting to be collected in our favourite stores.

Chapova Lowena Vars Carabiner Skirt

Chopova Lowena is a brand that effortlessly blends folklore and sportswear and their carabiner-detail striped pleated skirts are a must-have for us this Autumn! Perfectly capturing their unique design style, this piece features a striking black and multicoloured diagonal stripe pattern, with full pleats that create an A-line shape. What sets this skirt and the brand apart, however, is Chopova Lowena’s commitment to sustainability and ethical artistry. Using recycled materials and repurposing items like pillowcases and aprons, their pieces are created by skilled female artisans in Bulgaria with the idea of fostering a strong sense of community and preserving the country’s traditional techniques. In essence, the brand prioritises skill, craftsmanship, time, and environmental responsibility, making it a truly distinctive brand that we admire and sits firmly on our wishlist.

Eckhaus Latta Stacked Boots

Eckhaus Latta, founded by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, is another unique label, this time based in New York and Los Angeles. Known for breaking away from traditional gender norms within a traditional setting, their designs, shows and campaigns fervently celebrate diversity within fashion. One of their standout products making it to our wishlist this October is the Stacked Boot 2 in Yellow (Pony) Fur. It’s made from truly eye-catching chartreuse pony hair and features a unique chunky square toe and exaggerated leg with a barely-there 1.5-inch heel.  The brand is all about pushing boundaries, experimenting with materials, and adding an artistic touch to their work through writing, performance, and video, making this feel more like just a winter boot, but a moment-maker for this AW ’23.

Coperni CD-PLAYER Swipe Bag

Womenswear brand Coperni is the epitome of Parisian chic mixed with contemporary culture. Founded in 2013 by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, Coperni has remained at the top of our watch list in the fashion world since its pre-Bella Hadid viral moment. So when in a recent Instagram post Coperni unveiled its latest creation, the CD-Player Swipe Bag, a cutting-edge accessory 3D printed in Paris with a USBC rechargeable battery, we were obsessed! This innovative handbag combines style and (semi-)functionality. Coperni’s foray into this realm taps into the nostalgia and novelty we are always hunting after; innovative products that can both feel (or are) one of a kind. While details such as availability and pricing remain undisclosed (we can only imagine 👀), Coperni’s latest creation promises to be a real moment.

Paloma Wool Marella Skirt

Paloma Wool, a unique and independent fashion label hailing from the vibrant streets of Barcelona, is a staple brand that has captured our hearts and earned a recurring spot on our wishlist. Founded by the visionary Paloma Lanna, this brand stands as a testament to the art of dressing as a form of self-expression. What draws us further to Paloma Wool is the brand’s unwavering commitment to local production and collaboration with artists, illustrators, and photographers, forging the deep sense of community and artistic synergy we always strive towards. Drawing inspiration from both natural and urban landscapes, Paloma Wool’s designs evoke elemental aesthetics which are always enhanced with a touch of whimsical charm. Online you can find an array of limited and timeless pieces, among the many must-have items is the adjustable leather pocket belt/skirt in a serene beige hue, which too has been meticulously crafted in Spain. This piece is a testament to Paloma Wool’s dedication to quality and style and is a versatile fashion staple.

Asics X GmbH

The GmbH x ASICS GEL-Kayano Legacy trainer collaboration was first spotted at the GmbH FW ’23 runway and immediately made its way to our mental must-have list. The trainers, designed in two colourways — a more subtle Grey/Black alongside a striking Coriander Green/Gold — are a fusion of ASICS’ renowned Gel-Kayano series and GmbH’s unique design aesthetic. Ultimately, it is this trainer’s futuristic flair that embodies what we want to see this season. Further emphasising the partnership between ASICS and GmbH,  both logos alongside “Kayano” in Kanji characters featured on the trainers. The anticipation for these shoes to hit stores this month was rife, so once we were finally met with their arrival, they quickly were saved on Insta’ and added to our wishlist.

Papy Ring

Papy, born against the dynamic backdrop of Rio de Janeiro, has emerged from our Instagram Explore page as our ultimate jewellery fixation. With a distinctive fusion of creativity and artisanal finesse, Papy has captivated the minds of jewellery aficionados worldwide. The brand’s whimsical and maximalist designs have undeniably set it apart in the realm of jewellery craftsmanship. Now, as we eagerly await the launch of their upcoming “Les Billes” collection, anticipation brims as Papy’s ability to infuse every piece with a sense of playfulness assures us that this collection will be yet another moment of sheer delight.

Carne Bollente Orgasm Sweatshirt

Paris-based Carne Bollente is a provocative and eye-catching brand that authentically blends sensuality and streetwear. Take their latest gem, the rhinestone-embellished zip-up hoodie as a prime example of their unique and, let’s be honest, sexy approach to fashion. Crafted from 100% organic cotton and ‘made with love’ in Portugal, this piece gives classic Carne with its rhinestone detailing and cheekiness.  Pair it with their ‘Cum Down’ sweats and you’ve got yourself a killer combo that screams good sex vibes only. Carne Bollente’s pieces are all about celebrating individuality, embracing sexuality, and making a statement that fashion can be bold and mindful at the same time.


GANNI Butterfly Bag

GANNI, the Danish fashion powerhouse celebrated for its modern ready-to-wear creations, has solidified its status as a cherished fashion label. Back in 2000, it all began under the watchful eye of gallerist Frans Truelsen, and since then, the brand’s journey has become inseparable from the essence of Copenhagen Fashion Week and a flurry of How to Dress Like a Copenhagen Girl TikToks. So there is no doubt that now and then when we are yearning to revamp our wardrobes with that unmistakable Scandinavian charm, the Pink Butterfly Top Handle Bag by GANNI serves as one of the most tempting invitations to do just that! Fashioned from a blend of recycled leather, this bag epitomizss the brand’s dedication to environmentally conscious fashion, all while retaining its unmissable aesthetic. From the embossed GANNI logo to the practical shoulder strap and the iconic leopard lining, every element is thought-through. And let’s not overlook the whimsical touch of an engraved GANNI Butterfly logo zip puller. Showcasing the brand’s playful spirit, this is the kind of piece that ignites a million and one styling inspirations, and we’re eagerly looking forward to weaving it into our daily wardrobes.

Ottolinger X Pumo Mostro Boots

OF COURSE, the highly anticipated collaboration between two titans (in their own right) of fashion, Puma and OTTOLINGER is on our wishlist, where else would it be? And our must-have piece: the OTTOLINGER x Puma Mostro Boots in Gold. These boots are crafted from 100% leather and boast a striking Roman hue that commands the attention we know and love to recieve. Featuring a subtle logo detail at the back and easy-to-adjust velcro, alongside a trusty rubber outsole, these are the perfect party shoe. But hey, mark your calendar for the online launch  today at 11.00 CET.


LỰU ĐẠN, founded in 2021 by designer Hung La, is a luxury label that is deeply rooted in the nuances of Asian identity and its evolving narrative. Showcasing rich, sonorous colour palettes, evocative prints, and bold silhouettes, the brand masterfully weaves modernity into tradition. Hung La, a first-generation Vietnamese American living in London, brings his unique perspective to the fashion world through the brand, having honed his craft at prestigious institutions like the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and at fashion powerhouses like Balenciaga and Céline. It is the “Recklessly Wide” double-pleated jeans, however, that have truly caught our senses. An elongated waistband and unconventional pocket placements, exemplify the brand’s commitment to elevating denim fashion. It’s easy to see why LỰU ĐẠN, with its distinct and thoughtfully designed products, has piqued our interest!


Herbar is a skincare brand quickly gaining attention on both Instagram and TikTok for its holistic (and highly aesthetic) approach to well-being. The brand, which also first came to my attention through the power of my Explore Page, believes in harnessing the power of fungi and adaptogenic formulations to enhance inner and outer beauty. And so, their commitment to the efficacy of plant-based ingredients has led to the creation of their latest product to hit our wish list: Face Nectar, a product designed to provide essential hydration during the colder months. Through a combination of all the right things (check out their site to learn more!) Herbar’s Face Nectar represents a fusion of ancient healing and modern skincare, inviting you to explore their philosophy and experience the natural beauty it can bring to your skin.

Ximon Lee

Ximon Lee, born in the bustling city of Hong Kong, embodies a unique blend of cultural influences that shine through his work as a menswear designer. His decision to study menswear at Parsons New York marked the beginning of a remarkable journey, as by anchoring himself in Brooklyn, Lee ventured into the fashion industry and established his eponymous label. Now, the allure of his creations extends to pretty much anything Ximon Lee has to offer, but, as we practice patience, on top of our wishlist is a deep green puffer jacket, with asymmetrical button detailing. A statement piece that embodies Lee’s fusion of tradition and innovation, this distinctive design alongside the designer’s noteworthy background, it’s no wonder why this Ximon Lee is a Glamcult fave’!  In fact, so much so, that you can now shop Ximon Lee’s AW’23 collection in Glamcult Store.

MIFFY & POP Cardigan

Pop Trading Company, the skate-centric Amsterdam-based streetwear label, has unveiled its latest collaborative venture, marking the third instalment of its partnership with the beloved Miffy. Bringing together two quintessentially Dutch brands, notable highlights from this collection include a range of intricately designed knitwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, all featuring the endearing Miffy detailing in some way or another. The collaboration also extends into many classic denim pieces, featuring delicate embroidered motifs. The Pop Trading Company x Miffy collaboration brilliantly merges streetwear and nostalgia and is now available (and going straight into our basket).

La Fam Distressed Jacket

Keeping it local, La Fam, the Amsterdam-based unisex streetwear collective is deeply rooted in the vibrant youth culture of the city, and it is their collegiate-inspired jacket that we want to get our hands on. Available exclusively at Glamcult store in Amsterdam, this black jacket features a distressed fade that adds a unique character to its design. With a classic collar detailing and a stand-out metallic zipper with their distinctive logo, it’s a statement piece that needs a place in our wardrobe and firmly sits on our wishlist!

Birkenstock X TEKLA

In the realm of fashion collaborations, some pairings seem destined-to-be and Birkenstock X Tekla is one of them. Both Birkenstock and Tekla share a passion for comfort and minimalist design. Birkenstock, known for its ergonomic soles, and Tekla, famous for its organic cotton pieces stonewashed for maximum comfort, hold somewhat of a cult status in the worlds of fashion, art, and design. This ‘made for moments of comfort’ collection exudes the relaxation and tranquillity we are all manifesting. From oversized sleepwear in soothing mauve and straw-coloured striped fabrics, along with a slate grey monochrome option, neutrality underscores the collection’s refined simplicity. Our shining star, however, has to go to the footwear within this collaboration, which features a reimagined version of Birkenstock’s Nagoya slip-on clog and Uji sandal, meticulously crafted in Germany with elongated straps and hand-stitched details. These pieces, available in matching colours to the sleepwear, boast shearling-lined footbeds and the superior level of comfort we need!

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Beanie

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is a brand that finds its roots in the intersection of fashion and nightlife, where each realm fuels the other’s creative fire. Originating during Jeffrey’s tenure at the esteemed Central St. Martins, the LOVERBOY night served as the primary source of inspiration for his early collections. A close-knit circle of friends and creative collaborators, including artists, performers, musicians, drag queens, and poets, played a pivotal role in nurturing the brand’s ethos of inclusivity and egalitarianism. One of LOVERBOY’s staple creations, the Chunky Ears Beanie remains a must-have accessory each season. Crafted from a lambswool blend with whimsical woodland creature ears and a distinctive LOVERBOY patch, this is our current shining star in the world of headwear.

Words & curation by Grace Powell