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Exploring feminist horror at CAVERNOUS

“Exploring spilling, leaking, ‘loud women’, resonant architecture, and the use of the mouth, ear and body as sites of hysteria, danger and pleasure”


Photography by Lisebae

Dedicated to the notion of feminist horror, we introduce CAVERNOUS; an evening of “exploring spilling, leaking, ‘loud women’, resonant architecture, and the use of the mouth, ear and body as sites of hysteria, danger and pleasure”. The evening will showcase entirely new, site-specific creations by a group of female-identifying artists who all have diverse cross-disciplinary backgrounds, primarily centred around live performance. The unifying factor is that all the contributors come together on emotionally charged terrain, embodying themes such as the suppression of feminine voices, the struggle to be heard, and subtle acts of transgression.

Photography by Nell Schwan

Photography by Nell Schwan

Photography by Nell Schwan

Prepare for a lineup featuring some remarkable talents. Visual and performance artist Moa Holgersson will take the stage, wielding her “primary weapon” – her voice, encompassing singing, growling, screaming, and calling. Her performance aims to explore the various registers and archetypes connected to femme vocalization. Next up is dancer and choreographer Thalia Livingstone, who delves into the depths of what she truly wants to convey, striving to articulate her message with utmost clarity.

Joining the roster is Show Pony, a friend of Glamcult, who will present I May Fall Into the Sound, an audiovisual masterpiece that unravels the story of the vanishing island of Massancummock through the lens of memory and fantasy. Collaborating with visual artists Tatiana Rosa and Ninay Kay, this promises to be a captivating journey. Alongside, Snailaway will also be exploring themes of memory, bringing the evening to a close with a contagious DJ set. Expect a blend of storytelling and somatic trance, making for an unforgettable end to the night. And last (but certainly not least), Amsterdam-based visual artist Xiomara Virdó will showcase her sculptural practices involving glass, steel, and rubber. Her art is informed by themes of danger, the phase transition of matter, and her profound connection to dance. Get ready for a night of captivating artistic expression and exploration.

Join us on the 11th of November at Dokzaal, Amsterdam for CAVERNOUS between 19:30 and 23:30 . Reserve your spot here and see you there!

Photography by Nell Schwan

Graphic design by Tomás Queiroz

Words by Grace Powell

Images courtesy of the artist’s


11th November, 2023
Dokzaal, Amsterdam
19:30 – 20:00 Doors
20:00 – 21:30 Performances by Moa Holgersson, Thalia Livingstone, Show Pony
21:30 – 22:30 Snailaway DJ-set