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Exploring the Essence of Humanity: ANGELA (a strange loop)

Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg take us on a profound investigation into life within the modern age at Holland Festival. See this performance from 7 – 9 June 2023.

Susanne Kennedy takes us into her mesmerising world with her latest work — ANGELA — an unravelling of the enigmas in our modern existence. The director, alongside multimedia artist Markus Selg, are bringing this captivating exploration to the forefront of the Holland Festival. Asking: What does it truly mean to be human today? They use the life of one extraordinary woman as their profound inspiration for ANGELA (a strange loop).


Meet Angela, a renowned YouTube influencer whose life is meticulously chronicled from the very moment of her birth to death. Joined by her closest kin, Angela traverses the tapestry of everyday experiences: the trials of illness and the triumphs of recovery, the blissful realms of waking and the ethereal escapes of slumber, the miracle of birth and the inevitable embrace of ageing and mortality.


In their audacious quest, Kennedy and Selg ingeniously employ a multimedia approach, delving deep into the fascinating interplay between human bodies, technological marvels, and mechanical entities. ANGELA (a strange loop) is an enthralling piece filled with profound investigations into the nature of identity and consciousness. Amidst the carefully curated interplay of pre-recorded texts, a subtle dichotomy emerges between reality and artifice. We find ourselves questioning: Is Angela truly within the confines of her bedroom, or is she in an elaborate TV studio? Could it be that Angela’s existence is merely an intricate web of countless experiences, some of which she never truly encountered herself? Angela, a vessel for an endless string of moments, forever trapped within a perplexing loop.

Showcasing the realms of science fiction aesthetics, alongside artfully constructing spaces that teem with myriad layers of meaning. We are transported from the tangible to the supernatural, seamlessly drifting between worlds. Within this kaleidoscope of existence, dreams intertwine with reality, and parallel dimensions materialise, offering distinct interpretations of shared events through the eyes of diverse actors. It is in this realm of sensory confusion, where the boundaries of reality blur, that Kennedy finds her fascination—a captivating challenge to our perception of what is real.


Prepare to be spellbound as ANGELA (a strange loop) unveils the captivating mysteries of our humanity, beckoning us to contemplate the intricate tapestry of our lives and the profound depths of our consciousness within the online age.



ANGELA (a strange loop) is part of this year’s Holland Festival, for tickets and more information regarding programming click here!