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Beauty is in Simplicity: extreme cashmere's new campaign

Gracing us with staple pieces, exemplifying minimalist timelessness



Amsterdam-based brand extreme cashmere sees no divisions between gender, body shape or age – there is only one common denominator, and it’s high-quality cashmere. Their new collection, edition 23, will feature a range of elegant staple pieces with comfort being the priority. From essentials like long dresses and tank tops, to statement pieces such as a draped off-the-shoulder top or a fringed maxi skirt, the brand proves what cashmere can do. Another highlight is their debut t-shirt in a cotton and cashmere (of course) blend, taking a cosy tee to a new level. The new campaign in B&W gives a peek at the drop without any distraction – just the garments and the wearer in all of their natural beauty. Extreme cashmere once again encourages its customers to embrace themselves, and do so with unparalleled softness.

Photos courtesy of extreme cashmere

Words by Evita Shrestha