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Eye to eye: KOMONO x Antwerp fashion graduates

The eyewear brand reveals collab with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

KOMONO x Linus Leonardsson

Belgian eyewear powerhouse KOMONO has announced a partnership with the famous Fashion Department of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP.
Founded in 1963, and later brought to international prominence by the legendary Antwerp Six, the school’s Fashion Department is undoubtedly one of world’s leading programmes for up-and-coming designers. Their studies are famously challenging, tasking the students with new and unexpected experiences, and this collaboration is no exception. KOMONO collaborated with a selected number of masters students, aiding the lucky few in creation of a capsule eyewear collection to compliment their graduation show.  All masters students made a design for sunglasses as an accessory to their personal work. The selected students—Linus Leonardsson, Nick Haemels, Quinten Mestdagh and Grace Hyein Kim—worked alongside the brand’s designers and product developers to bring their visions to life every step of the way, from the initial idea to finished product.

KOMONO x Grace Hyein Kim

KOMONO x Quinten Mestdagh

This partnership aims to showcase the very essence of Antwerp—a hub for innovative fashion for centuries—that unites the academy and the brand.  First launched in 2009 by Raf Maes and Anton Janssens, KOMONO describe themselves as a community of dreamers with a strong dedication to Belgian tradition of quality and craft.  Their designs, crafted with the utmost care, are sleek yet bold, putting them at the forefront of contemporary aesthetics in the world of accessories. Characterized by the mutual emphasis on original treatment of forms, materials and colours, this makes for an impressive collaboration that we are delighted to lay eyes on.

KOMONO x Nick Haemels

Words by Masha Ryabova

Photography by Maxim Leurentop