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Faith Consuming Hope

Divinity over dogma!

“The only way out of this is through”, we hear, as Eartheater slowly beckons us into the vortex of sexual energy and creative force. Stepping on the icy streets of Kiev, the dewy artist shows herself off in a revealing corset, spins and dances in a fuchsia tulle gown and seduces us in a blood-red dominatrix coat – this is the story of a nun that successfully escaped her future by following her faith. Having grown up in a Christian orthodox environment herself, the enchanting musician has always retained an affinity for spiritualism and faithfulness – although she no longer subscribes to one religion.  

It has been said sexual energy is a very potent pond of creativity, and Eartheater knows exactly how to tap in. Ethereal and emotive pitches transcend and levitate us into a spiritual realm, as the voices softly build into a harmonious choir. The folkloric poetry and sensational visuals behind the track are surrealistic yet earthing – it would be a sin not to watch the music video. ‘Faith Consuming Hope’ is a titillating ode to the lisping kundalini that started waking her up to a new reality – and by listening to this inner voice, she has manifested the life path she was always destined for. The result? A divine masterpiece we will keep on repeat for a week!


Watch the music video here

Words by Brechtje Polman