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Get Excited for FASHIONCLASH '22

A celebration of trailblazers changing the fashion world for the better, in collab with Glamcult

FASHIONCLASH Festival is returning to Maastricht this November to celebrate fashion as an art form in its purest sense. Every year, FASHIONCLASH picks out the most exciting talent, and provides a platform where creativity, passion and connection all have a place to thrive. For their 14th edition, the program is as ambitious and interdisciplinary as ever – explore the full showcase here.

Glamcult has joined forces with Fashion Clash to bring to you New Fashion Narratives. Bringing together international fashion trailblazers under the roof of Bureau Europa, the exhibition sets out to honour fashion as a medium of expression and a tool to challenge social systems, paving a way for a better world. The talent we have selected each has their own distinctive voice, and we want to give them a loudspeaker to tell their story. Stretching the boundaries of the medium, each talent gracefully moves between visual arts and social design putting their mission at the core. Participants include Art Collective BCHMNN, Mehdi Mashayekhi, LABELEDBY., OUR SHIFT, AurĂ©lie Defez, DOMINIK, Dara Benno, SUFI, Pablo Salvador Willemars, ZOLI, Denzel Veerkamp, Luca Berger, House of rubber and SCHEPERS BOSMAN. Unbothered by the preconceptions of older generations, our New Fashion Narrative’s artists venture into the future, breathing fresh air into the industry much in need of it.


The second Narratives exhibition dedicated to modern-day fashion spearheads is powered by Marres. The focus is around designers who practice fashion as a transformative experience within its social and environmental contexts. Other highlights of the program include an Open Mic Night, where a comedy-club inspired event transforms into a platform of sharing knowledge and stories from the new generations of fashion designers. Film program is also super exciting – animation, digital and audiovisual arts are celebrated in a special Fashion Film & Video Award. Fashion Makes Sense is an ongoing initiative encouraging collaborations between professionals and amateurs. Projects birthed out of it include an interactive theatre performance delving into fashion and sustainability, which will be presented during the festival. Further exploring the intersection of fashion and performing arts, and how they amplify each other, The Clash House and Talentlab events are set to push the boundaries of both. To everyone who can’t make it in person, FASHIONCLASH have your back with an online platform to experience the event to its fullest from any corner of the world.

With innovation, education and artistry as the pillars of their vision, FASHIONCLASH brings the focus back to what should matter in the fashion world today. A breeding ground for talent at the forefronts of the fashion revolution, the festival is not to be missed!

Katharina Spitz

Images courtesy of FASHIONCLASH

Words by Evita Shrestha