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Fashion for the future

Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement through fashion. 

There have been many initiatives supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, whether it be campaigning, protesting, petitioning or donating and every action is a step closer to change. Something which has been truly heartwarming it seeing brands take responsibility, and help pursue the fight in the ways they know best. One way to keep the message alive is keeping it permanent, and rocking a t-shirt which states your position exactly can help do just that. Of course, there are always larger, more prominent steps to take- but let’s make the smaller ones count too! Here are 5 tee’s we love, which are supporting the cause as all of the proceeds are donated to relevant charities and foundations. 

Denim Tears

This black-owned brand has been consistently exploring America’s troubling past through fashion and design, and this t-shirt is another addition to that story. Named ‘Cotton Peace’, the tee shows a man in front of a raging fire, featuring a James Baldwin quote on the back. All of the proceeds made on this tee will be donated to Know Your Rights Camp; a charity which provides defence resources for people of colour facing trial for protesting. Available here


Creative collective, Braindead, brings designers together from all over the world. This ACAB tee exemplifies a strong message, demanding justice. The black tee with white graphics is a true stand-out piece and all proceeds will be donated to the People City Council Freedom Fund. Available here

Payton Slay 

The Native-American designer, photographer, YouTuber and all-around creative has just released the ‘Cops Are Not Your Friends’ tee. This satirical rendition of the original American police logo says it all and stands tall against police brutality. All of the proceeds from this t-shirt will be donated to the George Floyd memorial fund as well as relevant bail funds. Available here.

Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

This one is coming directly from the cause. Philadelphia Community Bail Fund has released gorgeously strong tee. Aryanna Tischler is responsible for the design, alongside working with the members of the foundations. 100% off the proceeds will be going directly to the PCBF. #FreeOurMamas. Available here.


P.T.M is an organisation focused on building community resilience by amplifying notions of empathy and awareness through creative mediums. Whether this be through art, music, fashion or education this is a brand committed to the cause. This tee put a smile on our faces amidst the darkness. The brand has promised  100% of all profits will go towards bailing out protesters, and coming in two colour waves- the choice is yours. Available here