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FASHIONCLASH: New Fashion Narratives with Glamcult

An exhibition curated by Glamcult and FASHIONCLASH at Bureau Europa

This year FASHIONCLASH  has introduced its latest exhibition, New Fashion Narratives, curated in collaboration with us here at Glamcult! To be exhibited at Bureau Europa, New Fashion Narratives is an international selection of designers who represent the new generation of talent. Exploring the discipline, and taking a multitude of approaches, the mission is varied and moves between the worlds of fashion, social design, visual arts and investigations into the relationships between user and consumer. The selection is an innovator’s dream and will be shown from this November 25th until the 27th (with an online addition on the 27th). Showing at Glamcult’s curation is some amazing talent, so to celebrate before the big day(s) we thought we would share the stories of some of the designers! Read all about them below, but make sure to check out the full roster here. 

Creative studio, House of Rubber conceptualises the meaning behind the idea of interdisciplinary practice. Binding together the worlds of sculpture, high fashion and art, their work is a surrealistic experimentation of the broadness clothing and fashion can encapsulate. Sharing their whimsical world with Glamcult and FASHIONCLASH for the New Fashion Narratives exhibition, House of Rubber presents Lady in Rug a sculptural piece with the goal of humanising the objects, opening a discourse surrounding not only the objectification of the body but also, the decreasing activity within creative disciplines.

Dutch design duo, SCHEPERS BOSMAN are the creative pair at this year’s FASHIONCLASH who are engaging with the heritage of the Netherlands. Taking inspiration from the Limburgish flag, their SS ’23 collection takes the colours and geometry of the flag, creating gemoteric-shaped garments. With each piece carefully constructed, the collection represents notions of communal labour and the concept of the individual underneath the uniform. The collection has also been crafted largely using Dutch-made materials, and are too manufactured here.

Presenting The Rebound Parley, Denzel Veerkamp engages with his cultural experience in the Netherlands as a person of colour. Relaying his thoughts through the medium of fashion, Veerkamp’s work is vulnerable, questioning everything from personal trigger’s to a protest again privileged perceptions within the textile industry. The collection is made entirely out of post-consumer textiles in collaboration with Salvation Army.

Aptly named after two great artists: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, Pablo Salvador Willemars’s work at this year’s exhibition takes a personal-driven approach. Described as a “portrait installation of a conversation between individuals in a silent train coupé”, the collection, titled, Beste Reizigers [Dear Travellers] is a looking glass into the Dutch culture of train travel. Made from NS uniforms, train covering’s and memorabilia (ashtrays and so forth), this collection has been entirely repurposed and tailored within a contemporary lens.

Hailing one of our favourite phrases: eAt ThE rIcH , Aurélie Defez fuses together fashion and politics. Taking a critical look at the ways in which luxury brands appropriate the emerging designs for popular classes — her work aims to debunk and expose the elitism of fashion through satirical means. Taking trending quotes from the internet and meme culture, and embroidering them onto clothing, Defez ambiguities meaning and collaborates ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture till there is no easily-definable meaning to either.

FASHIONCLASH – New Fashion Narratives #1


Friday 25 November | 18:30 – 22:00
Saturday 26 November | 12:00 – 17:00
Sunday 27 November | 12:00 – 17:00
WATCH ONLINE – Sunday 27 November | 17:30 – 17:50


Check out more here.


Words by Grace Powell