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Feast on our FIBER must-sees

A new generation of interdisciplinary makers and thinkers

If you don’t know, get to know. FIBER is the Amsterdam-based festival intersecting the creative channels of culture, art, design and music. Showcasing the most groundbreaking and up-and-coming artists of our time, FIBER explore the collective consciousness of our society and the henceforth ever-shifting world. This year’s theme is one not to miss, Mutation; an investigation into the new ways of being (both wanted and unwanted). With a line-up set to overwhelm with talent, we have put together a quick guide to Glamcult’s top picks for the festivities taking place between the 28th – 30th of October.

Artefakt is the enchanting (and highly explorative) creative duo fusing together disconnecting sounds. Known for their live DJ sets, techno is no boundary in which they cannot cross. After deep-diving into their latest album release, Days Bygone, the news of the live set based on the themes of the release: a world forever altered. This performance is a collaboration with The Rest Is Noise, so is deffo one to get in those schedules!

Amsterdam-based (and much loved) Naone, is the DJ cross-pollinating the worlds of trance, techno and of course.. electronica. Sending us to another planetary sphere, Naone is explorative by nature and successful in delivery. This is a dance-floor must-see(/experience), as we finally get to dance again together.

Image by @jesseplum

As the mind, body, soul and the world around us finally fuse together once again, Woody92 is ready to transport you to wherever you need to go. As a scientist at work, Woody92, mixes sounds in order to create the perfect party-potion. A favoured Glamcult artist at Dekmantel and De school (way back when), the Woody92 soundscape is a space we are ready to reimmerse ourselves into.


There’s multidisciplinarity and then there are masters of many trades. And Leeza Pritychenko checks the box. The Amsterdam-based artist harnesses both worlds of graphic design and live performance, encompassing the meaning behind the genre of ‘Digital Experience’. The human experience is in many ways a grandiose expression, however, her work explores the meaning behind this through her unique lens.  Together with Nelly Dragon, Leeza will put on a performance of a lifetime.


28th-30th October

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