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You cant beat a classic


This AW/21 has been the season of reinvention, pushing boundaries and accessing new realms, however.. within this climate, what if the most radical move was to stick to your roots? Fendi has done exactly that. Providing a seasoned selection of the refined perfection Fendi is known for, excelling at their identity, no pressure, just polish. This collection celebrates that, and Kim Jones does not shy away for the history proceeding.



In a mirroring of fashion’s mirage, the show is beautiful from all angles. The architecural set is a nod to the Roman Forum and provides the perfect backfrop to Fendi’s neutrual tones and earthly shades- something we have seen, but only want to see more of. Silks, and wools reflect serenly in the maze of Jone’s gaze and enhance each look. Nodding to the 90’s through tight two-piece sillhouetes and wrap tops, this is cocktail hour without the pager. A deep brown midi dress falls perfectly down the runway with beaded touches and a spagetti strap which screams sex alongside a monogrammed bulked up clutch which sells the boss bitch picture. Leather trenches and pencil skirts, its clear a homage is being made to Lagerfeld, however, Jones persues the past with a Fendi stamp. In this age of excess, compensating for our current situational stillness, its refreshing to see a collection which sits within its margin, harnessing exactly what it means to be Fendi.




Words by Grace Powell