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Find your superpower with Timberland and Reanny

“It’s givin’ sexy and powerful”

Introducing Reanny, the dynamic female rapper hailing from the streets of Kraaiennest, Amsterdam. Unapologetically authentic, Reanny embodies a captivating force that draws us in. Championing female empowerment and radiating impeccable vibes, she’s embarked on a mission to unite women, challenging the industry’s divisive tendencies. Embracing her inner strength while donning Timberland’s cutting-edge Find Your Superpower collection, Reanny embodies the essence of Amsterdam’s emerging talent and represents Timberland’s evolution, redefining their timeless classics. Discover your superpower and explore the collection today!

Hey Reanny! Can you tell me about your musical identity and sound?
I want to empower females and make them feel good about themselves. Alongside this, the number 4 is a theme that always comes back in my songs and that stands for the neighbourhood where I grew up (Kraaiennest).

You have been described (qt. ADE) as “rebellious, sexy and direct”: How would you describe yourself in three words? Would it be the same?
The same. I do whatever I want, wear whatever I want, and say whatever I want.

A powerhouse in the industry, and a firm symbol of female empowerment, what have been some of your proudest achievements so far in your career?
Tas, the first single that went viral on TikTok. Seeing myself on a billboard in New York Times Square. And I have the next best upcoming female artists on my EP.

What have been some challenges you’ve faced?
Hate comments. But I’ve learned to not take any of it personally. It says more about them than it says about me. And 99% of it comes from someone with nothing going for himself.

This year you dropped A Goddess, WBU? We’re obsessed at Glamcult! Tell me about the EP and the process of creation. Ahh, thank you. I appreciate it! The songs on the EP are some of the first numbers I created. I wanted to gift the ladies a stress-free hot girl summer.

What is your favourite lyric on the EP?
‘Kom uit de vier, je moet je bek houden’

Fashion also plays an important role in your artistry, how would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as 90’s ghetto classy

Timberland is an iconic name in fashion (and in rap culture). What comes to mind when you think of the brand?
I think of the pink boot. When I see the brand. I used to have a pair when I was little.

This campaign is about unleashing your inner power, what is your inner power?
My inner power is bringing more females together, especially in the music industry. I feel like they want to put women against each other, but I believe that we can stand on the top together. It doesn’t just have to be one.

What about this collection makes you feel powerful? I like the Everleigh Chelsea Boot. The boots make me think of a woman driving a motorbike. It’s givin’ sexy and powerful. Like the visuals I have for my song Goddess Flow.

The future is bright! What are your goals for 2023?
I don’t talk about my goals. I believe in bad eye, but I can say a lot is coming from me.

Words by Grace Powell

Creative direction and production by Pykel van Latum Glamcult Studio

Photography by Merel Daantje

Styling by Nikki Vekemans

Hair by Kyara

Make-up by Obadiah Kusi