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Fractal Fantasy

Simulate & Stimulate

When two creative minds meet, the world truly becomes your oyster: and whether it’s the digital realm or the physical realm that is your habitat of choice (but, what’s the difference these days?), Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke have opened the door to a third dimension.

Fractal Fantasy is a club simulator, which reflects the pre-covid reality (and post-covid fantasy) of 2021 nightlife. Through an audiovisual maze of experiences, the project is an immersive experience, heightened by its heavy Fractal Fantasy soundtrack.

As part of the escapade, you can join the room of max. 100, collect points on your shroom hunts and dance with whoever you may find. The simulator is real-time-play, meaning you can chat, gather and dance without reservation.

Check out the space now, and join us for a party from our office to wherever you may find yourself.


Log on and explore here 

Words by Grace Powell