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boundary-breaking sound

Franziska Aigner’s – AKA FRANKIE – sophomore EP “HEAVEN/HELL” is our newest December obsession, and trust us, it’s about to be yours. The multidisciplinary artist seamlessly merges her background in performance, music, and philosophy to produce boundary-breaking sound. “HEAVEN/HELL” pulls on FRANKIE’s deep-rooted connection with classical music, reimagining elements from late Renaissance and early Baroque composers. In fact, the EP’s opening track “CLOUDS” samples de Visée’s Prelude in A minor – for all you classical connoisseur’s ;). The primary instrument however is FRANKIE’s enchanting voice which she layers with cello and piano harmonies to weave together an enriched yet unique sound. 

Collaborating with photographer Nadine Fraczkowski for the EP’s cover art and filmmaker Austin Lynch for the “CLOUDS” music video, FRANKIE invites the listener to reflect with her through her visual and sonic aesthetics.The EP itself reflects on her creative journey, having been produced during two artistic residencies in Piliano, Italy and Bergen, Norway. Today, we celebrate the work of her current residency at Cashmere Radio Berlin with a debut live concert radio broadcast of “HEAVEN/HELL” at 20h CET– yes you heard us, today! Everyone go grab your headphones, maybe a cup of tea, and we’ll digitally see you there!


Listen to the broadcast here @ 20h CET!
Listen to the EP here

Photography by Nadine Fraczkowski
Words by Ella Paritsky