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FREE TO BE: Mairo Nawaz

This rising DJ plays, does and wears whatever he wants.

What does free to be mean today? For Zalando’s newest campaign, the trailblazing fashion retailer has revealed its new brand direction Free To Be, which fully dedicates itself to celebrating unapologetic self-expression. Joining in, Glamcult has invited four inspiring young talentsMairo Nawaz, Romy de Vries, Benjamin Aerts, and Safae Gounaneto share their stories of what freedom of being means to them.

First in the formidable talent line-up is none other than Mairo Nawaz. One of Amsterdam’s top up-and-coming DJscatch him playing Het Weekend this coming Saturday during ADE 2019!Mairo is a young artist boasting a remarkably full CV. Lowlands, De School, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Lente Kabinet are merely few of the names he has already put on his list, proving he’s one to watch, follow and dance to.

To start off, how do you like it today?
It’s fine, it’s early.

Does the styling match your personal style?
Yes, for sure the first outfit, because I always wear Dickies!

What’s your most treasured childhood memory of music?
Hmm, I think Marvin Gaye, since a song of his was the first one I remember hearing, and my grandma used to play Marvin Gaye all of the time.

What other kind of music did you used to listen to?
Hip-hop, R&B, Raggae and Soul.

How and when did you get into DJing?
It started when I was 19 and I’m now 25, so it’s been 6 years already! Back then I started practicing and within six months I signed with my manager. I first started out playing Hip-hop and R&B, and after I started playing electronic music.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
I think one of my better sets that I’m really proud of is the one I played on the first of January at De School!

Did you expect, at a young age, to face this career?
No, I didn’t have a plan. I graduated from high school and I wanted to go into the army, but my mom didn’t let me, so I started an interior design education. I never finished it because I like drawing and designing, but not all the other stuff. So, I just finished my school as soon as possible and I started assisting Bonne Reijn with styling. And afterwards I started DJing.

Can you describe your dream party?
I would invite all my friends, and surround us all with sunshine and palm trees.

What kind of outfit would you wear to the party?
Probably the same thing I wear everyday–Dickies, Dr. Martens and a white t-shirt.

What does free to be mean to you?
It means that you are free in your mind, and you are free of what people think or expect of you.

Do you feel entirely free to be?
The answer to that is very simple, YES! I play what I want, wear what I want, do what I want!

Concept and words by Glamcult
Photography by Laila Cohen
Styling by Benjamin Aerts
Hair & Make-up by Cynthia Schippers




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