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From House to the Hospital

SOFI TUKKER emerges from an emergency 




If one thing is for sure, we love a song with a story behind it.  Last week’s single “Emergency”, fresh from the American DJ-duo SOFI TUKKER marries the tale-worthy accident of a broken foot with their own home-brewed stardom.  After the cancellation of their 2019 tour (we can blame the foot for that one), the pair have made an extraordinary recovery through the year by live-streaming almost 200 sets over the every-lasting course of quarantine.  Their newest single details that fateful mad hospital rush, along to the tune of some classic house beats (when we say classic here … we mean, CLASSIC).  It’s a throbbing upbeat banger that will pull you into their saga, especially as the video is your own mini-virtual reality, taking you on that ambulance journey POV.  Through flashing graphics, black & white cityscapes and blinking x-ray negatives;  including the exact x-ray that came from Sophie’s botched foot, you can catch it all.  I mean, art imitates life right?  Get yourself on the ride because this is a recovery that has been music to our ears!  You can catch “Emergency”, a collaboration between SOFI TUKKER and DJ/Producers Novak and YAX.X, now on their spotify.  And, as a cheeky bonus, you can also catch their live streams every day 7pm CET via Instagram.  See ya there for a pre-party mix….


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Words by Rose Holmshaw